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Who do you want to be? 

I want to be exactly who I am.  However, until just recently I was yearning to be all that “I THOUGHT” I “SHOULD” be.  

See,  I know that my life’s work (so far) is beyond effective, restorative and awesome and I also know exactly who I love sharing it with.  

I also know that God has given me the opportunity over the past 10 years to be a stay at home mom.  I even home schooled for a bit before moving my services online and diving into publishing.  My husband is so supportive and even when he did not understand what or why I was writing or coaching people he always has made sure I had everything I needed to make my goals come true. 

Yet, I have a confession to make.  I have wanted to do it all on my own, to have it my way and I have pictured it happening just so.  I had the belief, ” I have to provide for myself” – playing over and over again in my head.  I felt like a failure because it was not showing up the way I wanted to see it, the way I visualized it.

I was closed down because growing up I had to provide for myself and it has taken me 12 years to even notice and accept that I am being provided for.  To hear the whole story is long and boring but the jest of it is , I have not known how to be taken care of.  I have spent so much time trying to take care of myself and fearing that I can’t without sacrificing my heart (and work) I missed the point.  Gods point. 

God is my provider and honestly boss man.  I talk about following the flow of conscious awareness all the time and if you listen to HUGS you know how I run my business by meditation and prayer.  

If I have had the pleasure of having you join me in any program or in a healing session you know that the transformational power that flows in Divinely You is the Holy Spirit at work. However, if you like me don’t want to be taken care, if it scares you to death.  Being taken care of might feel more like being a victim to it’s control and you like I might miss it’s beauty. You might not see it, appreciate it and accept it as your own provision. 

After, so many people joined the “Freedom Project” this December, an unexpected blessing came to my home.  This is the 3rd time God has followed one of my “FREE” programs with a blessings of provision for my family to be taken care of.  After 3 times my eyes are open and with that I have re-evaluated all that I have learned studying with the best of the best marketing, and online business coaching in the world over the past 3 years.


  • One thing that they teach is to speak your truth and find your voice – they also say that many times your greatest pain is your largest blessing and offering.  For me that is true – I help women reconnect with their beauty and confidence after abuse or trauma.  I do this because I know how hard it is to reconnect with your very essence if it seems to have been taken away from you at it’s very core.  And I know how to shine my light to lead you back to yours.  
  • The next thing that they teach is to know your tribe or target market – I know I love working with women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Who have a deep desire to do just about anything and have to overcome their past, but seem to be stuck in the mud.  I am their life line and together it is easier to get out of the mud than alone. 
  • The last thing they teach is about pricing- they say charge what you are worth.  They also teach about the vibration of money and how when we invest in ourselves others will invest in us…  They also say that if you charge less your clients won’t be serious. So I raised my prices a few years back and sold them, but I also spoke to a lot of ideal clients who simply could not afford my services.  But I stuck to what I had learned and discovered my own worth as I did, with each event I offered I was provided for accordingly however, it was not through my business. So I have been perplexed by this rule of charging.  

You see my book fro Bondage to Happiness Let Love Set You Free is all about perspective and it’s power. And my perspective has been way off, trapped in an old paradigm one that believes that no one will take care of me, one that believes that only I can take care of myself and for the page 12 years God has been trying to teach me that  I am taken care of, but I have been blind. 

I believe that many childhood victims can relate to this and many are struggling to take care of themselves.  

Can you relate? 

Well, this realization is a BIG ah ha for me.  Because I realized that the woman that I want to lead my hand, does not know how to receive a hand and is scared to death to take one and for right reason.  If this is you, you might be struggling to make ends meet, struggling to take care of yourself and sick and tired because of it.  Yet, you don’t know why?  You know you are smart, funny, you have a good attitude and you work your ass off, but there is no break.  You deserve a break a breakthrough.  

If you are really honestly with yourself you feel like you are owed a break for all that you have given.  

I agree which is why I am restructuring my business – for all you business eyes it is still a business.  But it is going to be run my way, for my tribe and it is FUN!!

So here is the deal – all of our online program have been marked down – drastically. 

When you sign up for any of them you will get a FREE breakthrough session with me – SELLING NOTHING! And if you and I agree that it is your time to receive help, accept provision and step into a new prospective for your life.  

I also have made all the tele-seminars and free breakthrough calls FREE all you have to do is let us know you want them. 

Once you enroll in Divine in 9 (online) or The Joy Club (online) you will have access to the foundation of the Divinely You transformation. Remember yesterday I slashed their prices so ANYONE can afford them, even if you are in the dumps – once you begin to take your power back by applying these courses you will see blessings flow – everyone does, but I am not going to stop the overflow of my own blessings there. 

Once you’re in I am going to GIVE everyone that breakthrough session and even accept new clients FOR FREE to guide you through the mud and back to safe harbor.  SO you like me can sit back, relax and enjoy all the comforts that life provides for those who have been blessed enough to have grown up in a home where they were provided for and protected.  

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You should not have to take care of yourself, or feel alone. You deserve more.  You have so much to offer our world.  You are important and I know that because you have been guided here to this blog and the Divinely You Family. 

Recently my dear friend and coach Vanessa Jane interviewed me for her newsletter (which is amazing and another life line for growth) the questions she asked helped me to step back and take a broad view as to why I have created Divine in 9, The Joy Club, The Art To Happiness and my books.  It is a great read, I share my heart and my heart is for you.  Check it out here. – to get the newsletter and more amazing life empowering tips along with it just let her know where to send you copy. 


Thank you for being a part of my community – I have the best life and you help me see it. 



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