HUGS – When the weight is just not coming off…

I can not say enough about this weeks guest.  She is one of my new favorite people.  Catherine is the Founder of Weight Loss Tools 4 Life and creator of the signature programs Thin From Within: The First 5 Steps to Jump Start Your Mind-Body Weight Loss Success and Thin From Within: 8 Weeks To Cleanse and Feed Your Body, Mind & Soul.

For the last two years Catherine has concentrated her talents on helping women who are ready to release the weight from the inside out.  Women’ who have tried and failed at exercise and diets and know that they need to do something different for them to be able to successfully get lasting results.   The Weight Loss Tools 4 Life programs are an opportunity for women who are ready to get to the bottom of what has been weighing them down and keeping them stuck  using a mind-body approach to address the real reasons why their body is holding onto extra weight and release it once and for all.  

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