HUGS Talk – STOP, DROP and ROLL (with it)

Sometimes life can be a blessing in disguise. As you know the last month of December was a big one for me – 3 books out in print, announcing and offering my first large scale launch for Divine in 9 to the world.

Through all the ups and downs of all of this I thought I knew were my life was heading, it looked clear. Yet, it did not end up anything like I thought and exactly like I wanted. You see, I have spent the bulk of the past 8 years sharing Divine in 9 to different people, training teachers, writing about it and had finally accepted my voice as an empowering voice for women (and some men) overcoming an abusive past. And it has been amazing!

However, my deepest desire has been to find and express myself, while walking with others as you do the same. Growing my business and writing books have been a large part of my own let go and release process. Although, I have not been fully honest with myself because I have been living my life expecting a certain results, a desired purpose rather than seeing the blessings in disguise each of them have brought. Instead of allowing blessings to come as they do, I have been trying to come as I wanted them too. Well, lesson learned.

Today’s HUGS Stop, Drop and Roll is my coming out party. I hope it inspires you to stop and see your blessings, drop how you THINK they should look and Roll with what is. I have held onto visions of success, outcomes and ideas about what it all means for years and it literally has kept me stuck. I confess and share my heart in this week’s HUGS talk show and then invite you to take a look deeper into your own life so you too can find more peace and enjoyment in 2014. Plus, I have a BIG announcement for our community and how things are going to work around here from now on.

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