Are you a personal development industry leader? Do you want to be?

One of the scariest things for most of us personal development, leaders is getting our story out. Most if not all of us fall in love with personal development is our own overcoming story, from our own pain turned into success, we grow in empathy which allows you to be a great leader.

I remember when I felt so scattered and scared. I had yet to write my books or speak, let along launch one of my programs. My life felt like unless I got my message out, my life had no meaning, no purpose, but deep down I knew better. I knew I had to share my story and help others know they are not alone and that they too are worthy of love.

I knew that I am meant to change the world as we know it. I knew that I had a story to tell, experiences to share and hope to instill in others. I had so much life in me and yet I had no idea where to start. I had no idea how to get my message out or how to put it together.

Can you relate? Have you felt the call to put your message out, but it feels overwhelming. Are you wondering where to start? Are you feeling all alone?

You are not alone at all… And honestly:

I’ve made all the mistakes, because I did it all alone – I jumped in and started by just spilling the beans. It was a painful way, but it was my way. My life, my fears, my shame, my beliefs opened like a gaping wound I ripped open, I shared it all.

Then I had to pick up the pieces look at them let go and share again. But, lives were touched, they began to change, people were inspired but I was scattered.

Over time, I had great coaches that wanted to understand me and help me get to the point. Eventually, they listened and asked questions as I pulled the gems from my story and share the pieces that matter. It’s not always pretty but it’s powerful. And now that is exactly what I help my clients with. I help you connect with your genius and then hold your hand and walk with you as you get your message out.

I have a sense of confidence that I now pass onto my clients using their life experiences to teach from so they can make a bigger impact much faster.

Let’s face it life is big and if we don’t have the right support it can be overwhelming. Without clarity, life can get downright scary at times. And when you have a mission to use a part or all of your life as a platform for others to learn and grow it can be downright vulnerable.

If your gut is telling you to tell your story, in a book or speech or program and you’ve have been waiting because you don’t know where to start. Type yes and I’ll invite you to a special call this week.

What do you think?

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