What makes us most uncomfortable. Will shock you.

I remember hating myself…

Yup, I said it! I hated myself. I apologized for everything, second guessed myself, believed everyone else and felt like a complete disappointment.

Life sucked- I was physically, mentally and emotionally sick. No matter what I did. Who I hired or what course I took nothing worked and when I say nothing, I mean nothing.



I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I got tired of trying desperately to be the perfect size two and beating myself up about it. Tired of my negative self-talk, pulling me down the proverbial drain to depression. Tired of wanting to sleep all day yet to scared to cry. And tired of feeling like a fraud in my own life.

Can you relate?

So I chose to do something drastic. I chose to get to KNOW myself better than the people who THOUGHT they knew me better than I knew myself.IMG_3293

I had studied human physiology, wellness, yoga therapy and had survived abuse, an eating disorder, cancer, adrenal failure and a suicide attempt hell – what more could I possibly discover about myself that would be so bad?


I found out what made me most uncomfortable was the good in me. The compassion, genius, creativity, survival skills and pure joy that is truly my essence. That is what I was running from, not the pain, that was easy, but the beauty.

Over 20 years I discovered that when I or my clients healed one area of their lives inevitably another area would fall apart demanding their attention. This constant pain and survival consumption kept them and me in a constant state of survival.

I noticed that there are 6 major areas that we have total control over ourselves in and these are the areas that when broken consume all our attention.

Then 8 years ago I began an experiment to systematically find a way to heal all of me and share this with my clients. And I have! I love me, feel whole and have successfully helped 100’s of people celebrate being themselves over the years. I call this system the 6 personal power zones and the program Amazing You!

If you’ve been feeling like you are stuck picking up the pieces of yourself over and over again. You’ve studied with the experts, hell you’ve become an expert yet still you don’t feel whole. Stop picking up one piece at a time and discover the complex yet oh so simple beauty that is you.

You are worth knowing, loving and expressing.

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