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Being a visionary, leader and innovator takes extreme guts. I am not talking about people who necessarily in leadership roles in organizations, following a template created by someone else. I am speaking to the innovators, dreamers and out of the box thinkers who CREATE the organizations and templates that the managers, VP’s and everyone else then follows.

It takes guts to lead because people question you, as odd as it sounds people don’t like to get out of the box and usually we are so IN the box we don’t even know we are IN it.

An example of a leader is one who pushes the edge so much that the edge pushes back.  Leaders tend to be ridiculed, even killed for their expanded views, like Shakespeare, Galileo, even Jesus. To be a leader you have to stand on your own, think for yourself and have faith not only in the facts but in the dreams, possibilities and unseen.

Some people are born to lead but being a leader is a practice that starts with a deep and profound relationship with yourself.

If Jesus didn’t trust himself then he would not have broken so many rules and gone against the norm, there are many examples of him sitting in silence, listening within to hear the answers he then shared.   The same for Tesla who is finally getting recognized for the amazing breakthroughs in electricity; and Einstein, who would lock himself away for days to sit in silence and search his soul for universal answers – some people thought him crazy and now we can explain gravity.

I get the pleasure of coaching leaders from around the world not to heals of leadershiplead others but to KNOW themselves which ALLOWS them to TRUST the inspiration they imagine and share new idea’s with their world. It’s fabulous seeing their businesses and breakthroughs and helping them open up to HOW they will share their wisdom.

Right here in the valley in May I get to speak at the Lipstick and Leadership event for women  about the guts and grit it takes to be a leading lady and what stands between most people in leadership roles from truly leading;  May 21st.

The number one BLOCK that keeps my clients up at night is the fear of dying with their message still in them and not living up to their big dreams.

The cure for this blocking fear that keeps so many born leaders in pain, wishing, wondering how and procrastinating is self-defining confidence in ALL 6 of your power zones.  You can learn more about your power zones at AntiquaLisha.com and/or join me at the Lipstick and Leadership talk on May 21st.

I am going to be speaking about the power you have when you KNOW the CORE of YOU and step into true self-confidence the foundation of leadership.


Not in town – and ready to take your next step to clarity and success/  Schedule your complementary NEXT STEP session with Antiqua here. 

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