If you’re not IN ACTION OF YOUR PASSION you’re the walking dead.

If you’re not


you’re the walking dead.

By: Antiqua Lisha


I almost died.  I was 11 and was attacked.  Then again when cancer struck at 21 and then again when all the energy was drained from my body at 24 with complications of celiac disease and adrenal failure.  I almost died – and what I learned was not that I could have died, but that I almost died because I was already dead.

  • I was dead to my dreams.
  • I was dead to my relationships.
  • I was dead to myself.
  • I was giving my power away – to this, that and them and dead to myself.
  • I was the walking dead – and it was literally killing me.

My own lack of self-care, overachieving, over working, over doing, over indulging, over proving nearly killed me and I see this epidemic all around me.

Women and men who are too ,BUSY achieving, proving, making SH*! happen and being responsible for everything/one else, to take care of themselves.

With our YOU – nothing matters (in your life), not your success, your kids, your relationship, your bank account, your friends, nothing… 

I wrote an article years back (like 6 years) when I was first going public with my 6 personal power zone awareness called What Cancer Taught Me – and it got me an interview on syndicated radio (my first one).  Basically,  it said, cancer taught me that if I don’t care for me, I can’t care and NEVER to invest my time in a job that does not fill me up.

Yet, I see it everywhere today.  People staying in jobs that drain them, of their health, mental health, loving relationships, peace, and legacy; my clients come to me 20 lbs overweight (or more), overwhelmed DEALING with life.  They have given their power away in one or more of their power zones of a successful life.  They usually LOVE their work and are passionate about it, but IT and their bosses have taken away their health and they realize that if they die they will never live and that if they keep living the way they currently are – overworked, overachieving, over giving to everything/one else, they are already dead.

That they have more to offer the world, if only they could find their winning formula – and I bet so can you!

That is what makes my plan different from all other success formula’s I don’t walk you through a cookie cutter theory.  I walk you through a 5000-year-old map to yourself, to your personal blueprint and you discover your own receipt for success.

Your ideal body plan so you can stop focusing on it so much and just BE healthy, sexy and energetic. Did you know you have your own secret formula that is unique to you to streamline your time and CREATE that life you are passionate for? The one you know deep down you are BORN to experience.

But first, unless you want to get overwhelmed trying to ADD another chore to your long list of to-do’s,  you have to discover where you are leaking your power and how you can take it back and start living again. This is the next step to avoid unnecessary stress.

Since you are still reading this article, it’s time to take that step here is a complementary Next Step power session – schedule yours now (space is limited). https://lishaantiqua.com/contact-page/

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