Just feel it – What holds you back will set you free.

Just Feel it!

6 questions to weather any storm life throws at you?


9584520-a-beautiful-woman-with-hair-made-up-of-or-covered-with-butterfliesImagine a storm blowing into your world. This storm knocked you over. Your house was broken into they took all that you thought was secure, even your money.  Would you be shaken? Of course you would.  You’re heart broken, sad and feeling ashamed. You lost friends, your job took a turn and you even questioned your own validity. All this is normal in the midst of a hurricane. But today I am going to share with you how you can weather this storm and believe me, I have been in a storm or two.

To weather this kind of hurricane, the kind that rocks your whole world, you first have to take a complete inventory of who you truly are.  I want to invite you to ask yourself a series of 6 questions and as you do, write down your answers and when a storm comes keep them close to your heart!

1)  Do I feel comfortable in my skin?

If you answered “yes”, write down what you are experiencing as you are comfortable.  If you answered “no”, write down ways you can love yourself into being more comfortable.  Two of my favorite daily habits are drinking water and grounding – you can learn more in the B-U Training at AntiquaLisha.com

2) How do you speak to yourself?

Are you your own best friend? If so, write down what you admire about yourself. This will help you remember when and if your boat is rocked.  If you are critical or judgmental know that this is the way we were raised. Ask yourself what makes you feel good and make a list. This will help remind your when times are tough.

3) How do you want to FEEL?

Do you allow yourself to feel the highs and lows of life?  We are emotional beings. Often times we make ourselves “wrong” for being mad, fearful, shameful or sad. We believe it  and not allow ourselves the happy, excited, elated or contended emotions. Stop it!  When we fight feeling by making it “wrong”, it persists. But, when you open yourself to FEEL whatever is without attachment, your feeling will guide you and you will feel the flow – as if you are standing in the eye of the storm.  Where things are still.

4) Do you have to handle this storm alone?

No! Being alone in the face of adversity is a choice.

Ask your higher power for support.  Your personal relationship with Creator is the fastest way to set your focus on peace when the crazies are swarming.

5) Who do I want to BE right now?

We get to choose how we show up in every relationship. In work, home, chaos, and all sorts of storms.  Knowing the core values you choose to live by allows you to reset your sails towards the shoreline during any storm.

6) How is this storm serving me and my deepest desires?

Face your own value and increase the amount of pleasure you allow yourself to feel.

Do you even know your deepest desires? Often my clients don’t. We make our desires wrong, impossible, out of reach and therefore leave them be at about 17 when “reality” sets in.  Reconnect with your desires. Then let them express themselves in each of your personal power zones – the ones we just identified together, your body, your mind, your emotions, your spirit, you in relationship and your purpose.

Allow the desires of your heart to direct you towards a safe harbor.

One way to feel your way through a rough storm is to allow the storm to be, and set your focus on where you want to be, who you want to be and let the winds take you there.

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