CUT THE CRAP – after one F-ed up week.

Have YOU had a F*&^ed up week too? 


I just got finished up with my client days this week and let me tell you – I thought it was just me.  HOWEVER, it is not!

Have you been having ALL YOU big triggers show up?  Maybe you’ve been re-traumatized this week.

If so, you are not alone and although I could not tell you why I have seen this trend, from clients, friends, and even in my own life this past week.  I do acknowledge it, and I can see through it.

So if you can relate – keep reading.

When it comes to SEEING YOUR BEAUTY and YOUR TRUTH – we all have a back story, childhood crap or recurring themes in our lives – I believe this is part of this whole LIFE experience.  This is a good and bad thing – first I will share the bad and then the good.

The BAD!!

Sometimes we don’t get the lesson, we stuff the feelings (DE-PRESS)

From Pintrest

From Pintrest

they or we deal with it meaning we push through it (causing DIS-EASE), and when we do this it is like pressing a reset button and telling the universe we need the lesson again.  SUCKS – especially when we usually are trying just to get over it.



THIS all can change, and  YOU are expected to manage these tests in your life, to face the emotions and rest in the feelings (physical, mental and emotional), and you will FIND the jewels within them if you do.

From Pintrest

From Pintrest

What get’s in most people’s way is FEAR – the fear of not being able to handle whatever is happening.


The other big blocker to getting the gem is JUDGEMENT – and in my experience, it is not the judgement we fear from others that cause us to struggle it is our own judgements about what is.

For instance, I hear often to be angry is bad… so the anger is hidden or stuffed away.  To be sad is not good, so they get up and push through their day.  Can you relate?


Take care of your six personal power zones! Take care of YOU!  You are not the circumstances or even the emotion that is coming up around it.  You get to define who you are, and you get to choose how you face yourself.

I know some things are hard to face, and I don’t think anyone needs or should face some of the emotions that pull you under alone (shame, guilt, anger, sadness) that is why I coach.  To help you see the beauty, YOUR beauty beyond anything that you have experienced – whether you faced it this past week as many of my clients or 20 or 30 years ago.  There is a way for you to be FREE today!

I have one 90 minute trauma therapy sessions open for YOU – this is normally a $500 package but for this week because so much is going on and WE ALL are in this together I am opening up my doors to YOU!

Schedule your 90 minutes CUT THE CRAP session – here for only $97.00  there is limited space.  Choose your time either Sat. or Sunday for the next two weeks HERE –

What do you think?

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