Never settle – the path to have it all.

A seeing yourself insight into Higher Learning

The last few days I’ve been resting with how the experiences of success have shown up in my life. How often we feel like our life is in pieces, the 6 personal power zones and never settling.

Tell me if this happens to you (message me or comment) Have you have settled in an area of your life? Convinced yourself it’s nearly great therefore you can be content. Then have you been?

While walking through my own university of higher learning on this planet – I first got opportunities to master myself, then my purpose and now I’ve been in the relationship zone for a bit.

It began at 21 with cancer I spent 10 years discovering how my anything I wantbody, mind, emotions and spirit all work together. Over this decade of life I tried to settle for a a firm body (All will be perfect when I’m a size 2) but when I had that I felt emotionally off, sad etc… So then I focused on happy and recognized my mind. Thank God for yoga helping me realize that you can’t have stability in one area without paying attention to it all. My mindset keeps me on track, loving my body keeps me emotionally balanced (as much as a girl can be hahah) and my soul connection is the grounding fact that helps me maintain. I could have settled for just happy, just feeling beautiful in my skin or just being emotionally aware or only having a sense of spiritual connection – but in my life I have learned when it comes to self care it’s an ALL world.  So those are 4 of the 6 personal power zones.

Next I learned about the zone of purpose or what I now see as legacy. Again I could and most likely would have settled in any career that would have paid me enough and missed out on my truth in which I am surrendering to now ?.

Meaning if I was successful in real estate I would have stayed, if I was more successful in yoga I would have continued on that expression, if full-time mama and yoga could have continued I would have stayed, same with books, radio, programs. If at any point I had reached a level of financial success I desires I would have settled. But in stead I have allowed life to walk me through experiences and awareness and instead of choosing one aspect of self-empowerment to settle in I get to live my dreams at Your Own University, in music, in my See Yourself – Ageless Beauty trainings etc. Again while I was seeing aspects pieces of my business puzzle I didn’t know what it ALL looked like. I could have seen any piece the programs, teaching, no profit, books, radio, video you name it I could have settled into any of them because I couldn’t see them ALL together in the puzzle they are forming now. If I had settled with being a teacher, a host, a sales person, an author, a “wife” (the hardest one but so powerful) then I would not be seeing my BIG dreams manifest now. Don’t settle.

As I’ve looked at this pattern of witnessing the pieces of my person and my purpose come together I see how I’ve been in a learning for some time in the last part of the 6 personal power zones relationship.

I’ve been shown some pieces, self-definition who I want to be, how I chose to show up. The gift of being a mom and friend. All powerful pieces and over the last few years I’ve been seeing others and their beauty so very clearly. I’ve mastered a few areas here but then there is more, the highest of relationships right below God, Self and then lover.

This weekend I feel life revealed this pattern of my own coming together to help me see how life shows us what can show up, in pieces first – asking us if we choose to have it all or settle. There is a phase of discovery when you enter into mastery.

First you may or may not skip phase one, but through hours and years of coaching I see a pattern that mostly life begins by showing you a path or why not to take.

  1.  Life allows you to see what you don’t want…

2.  And then it shows you what it wants to give you.

Many times in pieces like a puzzle, so when the whole picture shows you can truly appreciate it. At any point you can take a single piece and believe it’s he whole picture. Or maybe even a quarter or half of the whole picture and choose to settle, which is what many of us do. Think about the divorce rate, or how many people like their job but then don’t take the time to fuel their desires or an “I may not be happy but I look hot” mentality.

3 .  I am committed to not settling because I am assured that like the 10 years it took for me to get healthy and happy or the 10 to see the pieces of my service to the world come together I too am perfectly matched for someone who sees the whole picture of himself. Therefore, I can also share it all with a someone.

I believe we all can and are suppose to live the reality of this wholeness within and play in it daily in our outward walk. I hope this awareness of how we are fed Gods plan brings you peace. So you can accept your full life the one where God promises He will give you the desires of your heart and prosper and not harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).

Here is a review :

At first we get one piece at a time then over time ALL the aspects show up as one complete picture.

I am so grateful to see and experience all the pieces and my eyes are open to see this puzzle lock into place hopefully faster than a decade.

But we shall see.

Have you come to a place of mastery of full vision in your life?

If so did you get glimpses of whichever area – yourself, your purpose, your relationships before the ALL showed up?

Or have you settled for this or that for one aspect of your desire and thought it holy to surrender others hoping the desire would disappear?

Have you been content?

If so did you get glimpses of whichever area – yourself, your purpose, your relationships before the ALL showed up? Or have you settled for this or that for one aspect of your desire and thought it holy to surrender others hoping the desire would disappear? Have you been content?

Where are you looking at the pieces of your puzzle and not finding its place to complete Gods master piece YOU?

  • Are you only looking at one of your power zones and feeling off balance? Where can you step back and ask yourself what part of my
  • Where can you step back and ask yourself what part of my heart’s desire has been revealed to me when I comes to my body, mindset, emotional peace, spirit, purpose or who I am in relationship?
  • How much of you do you know? And where are you settling for one piece? And lastly how can you GIFT yourself this piece today?
  • I feel God places the desires on our heart to be fulfilled in completion.

It’s like He really want you to get all the beauty that He is offering so as he unwraps the desires He says look at this part and look at that part. 

Then at the end you have the whole thing. I feel all my prayers answered as I have practices surrendering to His highest God for me, all the tears, failures, not getting what I thought I wanted, even the heartbreaks, because now I see so very much of what I do want all around me.

I am so grateful!

What do you think?

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