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This weeks HUGS is all about you shining out your natural and God given talents with confidence so you can live your best life. Henriët’s mission is to help us all realize our God personality so we can relax and just be. This HUG is truly an eye opener for all of us who want to have great relationships, more confidence, so you can be all that God intended you to be.

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Henriët Schapelhouman, is a Free Methodist pastor, speaker, president of Semper Vita Institute and the author of The Story Lives: Leading a Missional Revolution, She has been married for nearly 32 years to her husband, Fred. They have a 20-year old son. The family resides in Redmond, Washington. Her passion is to share who God is and empower people to have a personal relationship with Him.

She seeks to live her story for Jesus. She longs to hear, “well done you good and faithful servant” once she meets him face to face. Henriët has always sought to live purposefully. Henriët loves creating order out of chaos, developing and directing teams and projects, and leading change.

Her work story is multifaceted. In 2007, while working on her masters degree in global leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary, and after she received a compelling vision about intentional Christian collaboration, Henriët founded Semper Vita. This Christian non-profit organization exists to help people find their personal wiring so they can collaborate to bring the Good News to the community—living and leading missionally together. She is also an ordained Free Methodist pastor and serves as the executive director of Semper Vita.

She brings over 20 years of spiritual direction and team leadership experience in ministry-related positions to both organizations. Prior to these missional ventures, she worked at Timberlake Christian Fellowship in Redmond, WA, as pastor of adult ministries. Before Timberlake she had been pastor to women at Lincoln Glen Church in San Jose, CA. Henriët started her work story with a career in public relations for the high-tech and consumer sectors after graduating with a marketing degree.

She is a popular speaker at conferences and retreats, and has conducted many training workshops and leadership classes. She has had several articles published and writes on her blog, Check out these pages to learn more about her published works, speaking schedule, and current projects.

Henriët was born in the Netherlands and moved to the United States in 1979. A first generation American, she married, Fred, in 1981, and they have one son born in 1992. They reside in Redmond, Washington with their Boxer, Belle, and two cats, Torino and Mr. Boots. She enjoys taking long walks in the woods around her home, driving her two-seater, and gathering with friends and family.


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