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Have you seen that facebook post rolling around that says: “You are what you eat, so don’t eat cheap, fast and fake?” This weeks HUG is jammed packed full of right now tips and tools as well as a very special invitation for you to turn that statement upside down on it’s positive head, so it sounds a bit like this: “I am what I eat, free, fresh and 100% real.” Allison Antionette from shines an easy and fabulous light on how you can start increasing your energy, dropping pounds and looking 10 years younger starting today!!

IMPORTANT : I have a special surprise for you this week as well, one is hidden within the HUG so you have to watch to get the (hint) invite. The second is WE ARE GOING LIVE! Starting next week HUGS will be live each Wednesday 3pm PST/6pm EST on Blog Talk USC Productions Channel 2. Here is the link to start following the show. You will get to call in or skype in and say hi get your questions answered straight directly from our amazing guests and in a few weeks we will be live on streaming TV again!! HUGS is so excited to join this amazing production company and share channel 2 with one of our favorite returning guests Dr. Rev. Dee Adio-Moses.

Here is the link to follow us and listen live next Wednesday April 3rd.


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As an entrepreneur, health enthusiast and longtime yogi, Allison Antoinette is a gracious and inspiring coach that teaches women how to heal their relationship to food and take more loving care of their bodies. Through her blossoming business, The Juice Club, training in Kundalini and Hatha yoga and Cafe Gratitude leadership training, she provides effective tools that empower women to release the blame game and powerfully choose their illuminated, inspired life right now.

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