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This HUG is full, healing and whole. Leilani speaks a universal language personally centered around Christ, in this HUG she shares her knowledge of universal geometry, healing and she blesses us with a healing prayer. I was raised speaking in tongues and Leilani literally speaks to my heart in this interview and she will your too.

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Rev. MAY LEILANI SCHMIDT~GRAHAM The President/Executive Producer of the USC® Radio Productions ™ Worldwide Talk Show, an International Speaker, Spiritual Healer/Teacher and a Universal Mind Channel. Leilani has been a professional in the field of Holistic Health for 40 plus years.

She is a Certified Hawaiian Kahu and the Founder/Instructor of the Multi ~ Dimensional Healers’® of Arizona. Leilani is also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Transpersonal Master Hypnotherapies, Iridologist, Universal En Sof, Certified Past Regression Master and an Empowerment Coach.

Leilani, the founder is known by many as the foremost expert on the evolution of the human consciousness. She is in constant communication with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light, and ever mindful of the vigilance and the importance of working with the Highest Source Connection.

Leilani is an unusually powerful healer facilitator. She is a friend ~ a beacon of great compassion and patience who holds the hand of God and extends the other to us. From a depth of serious spiritual resonance to the joyful art of play, she encompasses the gamut of the spirit. Born telepathic and clairvoyant, Leilani teaches others to “see” from a higher and more divine perspective, while connecting others to the higher source connection.

Leilani offers the “active” empowerment’s for those whom are ready to work within the Higher Source Connection. Each of these “active” empowerments is intended as a key for you to integrate the higher frequency.

In addition to an active teaching schedule in Arizona, Leilani maintains a private practice offering Healing of the Body, Mind,Spirit, EmpowermentCounseling, Workshops and Speaking Engagements.



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