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This week my heart flew open when Ricky LaVaughn told me how he avoids writer block and keeps things simple and cool all while teaching morals and values to the youngsters he writes for. I won’t spill the beans and tell you what makes all the difference, but I will tell you it is personal, it is down to earth and it is fun. This weeks HUGS will inspire you if you no matter what but it is a must hear if you have ever thought about writing a book or writing anything of substance for that matter. Enjoy –

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Ricky LaVaughn (2012), published author was born October 14, 1978. During his elementary years Ricky attended Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist Junior Academy (SDA). At the age of eight he wrote a story about a magician that saved a town from creatures. After graduating from the fifth grade he attended Eastwood SDA Academy. The principal detected that Ricky’s writing skills were developed beyond the age of a ten year old. For that reason, he asked Ricky to write a story for the Guide Magazine, a magazine read by thousands of SDA young people between the ages of fourteen to twenty-five. To complete the seventh and eighth grades Ricky was transferred to a school that prepares students for college. Thus, when he graduated from high school he had accumulated twenty-one credit hours, in the field of chemistry, from Columbus State Community College.

At the age of eighteen Ricky attended The Ohio State University where he majored in chemical engineering, and was a writer for a local Columbus Ohio newspaper. However, in the second quarter of his sophomore year he switched his major to religious studies and psychology, at which time his writing surged. In his junior year he became interested in Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which gave him a story idea titled, When Roses Cry. In addition to his core classes Ricky took a Short Story writing class, this was a smart move because it hurled his career to a higher level. In 2003, Publish America published his first book When Roses Cry.

As of to date, Ricky has written five books, three of which are fictional – When Roses Cry, Repeat Offender, and his most recent The Golden Image completed August 2012, and two religious books, In The Beginning, and Foundation of Fire. He is currently writing a forth fictional novel titled Creed, to be released Spring of 2013.

Currently, Ricky LaVaughn holds seminars on character development, story structure, how to get a book published, and the difference between self-publishing, and using a publisher. He is employed at JP Morgan Chase as a Subordination Specialist in the Home Mortgage Department.

What he does not tell you here is that he just opened his very own publishing company, you can get all of his books there and learn about writing your own books from outline to publishing –


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