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During this HUG I was moved beyond belief.  We all have a purpose and for Ben our guest son one of his purposes is to be a ”  ”  he has shown his family and now us exactly how much power we have over each other.  You literally have the power to give or take life away from someone else and you might be surprised that most of us allow others to take the rains of our lives by feeding into their expectations of us.

This interview is eye opening, empowering and will help you not only stand in your own power but empower others at the same time.  Listen and be inspired by Ben’s shining example and his parents courage and unwavering belief that things are not always what they seem at first glace.

Our guest is Michael George has been an IT consultant for nearly 30 years but, more importantly, he is a parent of three young adults, one of whom (Ben) has complex physical and communication challenges. He is a fierce advocate for Ben to ensure he receives the best possible care and education. Michael has worked with government officials to bring world-class MOVE mobility skills training to his home province as well as an intensive workshop on augmentative and alternative communication. In October 2012, he presented at Inclusion International’s global forum in Washington, DC, and is a member of the Premier’s Council on the Status of Disabled Persons.Bio Colour (1)

Recently, he published his first book, Third Time Lucky: How Ben shows us the way, which tells of Ben’s amazing first five years, their determination to unleash the smart, social, loving boy who was trapped deep inside a spastic body while taking you inside their world to share a rare glimpse of the enormous weight and stress they carried every day.

His blog ( talks about areas that impact Ben’s life, his family’s life, and the lives of millions around the world who suffer from a disability.

Hear their story –

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