Diaries of Expression – BREAKTHROUGH!!

Last week I was feeling a breakthrough coming so I posted this diary of expression on our youtube channel – then the breakthrough began and this week I have felt a need to sit, relax, and absorb all that this summer has washed over myself and my family.

Sometimes the best way to express yourself is doing nothing at all, simply being in the moment and allowing it to be as well.

However, I still want to share with you this fun expression that was bubbling up within me last week so you too can journey with me and have a breakthrough of your own.


I wish I could simply embed it but I guess even if “I say this is not my song and simply do my thing”  sharing it on my wesbite is not legal anymore.  So you will just have to jump on over to our youtube page and while your there you might as well subscribe.


If you want a breakthrough boost – Schedule yours HERE – just put your name and information in and you will be on my breakthrough schedule.

What do you think?

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