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Life continues to impress me. The synchronicity of all things – for every action there truly is a universal reaction. God aligns most everything for a purpose, demonstrating how everything is interconnected. When one of us speaks up, sets boundaries for ourselves and shows compassion for another while standing for what is right, just and kind we set in motion an opening for others to do the same.
I love how life moves in circles with a beginning and an ending and we get to be the observers of our own circles opening and closing.

Last week I had a very special guest on my weekly radio show HUGS Talk. I did not know how very impactful this interview was going to be until it was over. This whole week I have been moving in the Spirit, digesting the vibration and gift of revolution this man had for me personally.

As many of you might know I get to be a part of a few very powerful collaboration books this year. One is called God’s Miracles and in it I share how God appeared before me when I was 13 years old and told me to “go home and tell.” This life changing and life saving event changed my whole life and helped to heal my maternal family’s history of abuse. The chapter, entitled, “Coming Full Circle,” talks about how God brought my abuse full circle into the miracle of healing.

What is not in this book is how in that moment, God’s healing hand and my action together created an opening, a shift in energy that opened communication for truth in my maternal and my adopted paternal family. In this HUGS Talk interview the conversation went directly home to Red Shirt – South Dakota and my guest William Hawk spoke up like I did to stop the abuse in our youth and heal our own wounded hearts. (listen here)

William is the founder of the Native American Suicide Prevention Organization and when I began following him I had no idea that he is my father’s, sister’s, daughter’s, son or in other words, my nephew. His courage and positive attitude drew me to his Facebook posts and finally a few months back I felt moved to invite him to inspire us all on HUGS.

A week before our interview I saw one of his Facebook posts, a timeline of women who raised him and felt moved and honestly a bit scared to go through with this interview. (Listen here)

I was scared because I spoke up and stopped my abuser and got help for myself and my family when I was only 13 years old. Later in life he (my abuser) thanked me for helping him face and heal his own demons which I share a bit about (per his last request to me) during the interview. He also thanked me for helping him kick one of the most destructive and life threatening addiction which William and I talk about on HUGS as being one of the most aggressive killers in the Native American community today – alcohol.

I had thought my reconciliation for both my father and I was complete until last week’s HUG when I felt my whole being shift and a new sense that by speaking up in my youth on an energetic level set in motion the energy of permission for others to do the same. I know quite a bit about energy and healing family and generational wounds and it is comforting to know that more children are speaking up and claiming healing for themselves and their family, especially my own cousins. To have been a ripple in the wave of healing and know it, feels amazing.

When my father passed away earlier this year, I was struck with the pain of losing someone who molded my life so very much for the better and the worse. A week after his passing I was drawn to visit a church and when I arrived they were having a Native American service to help kids in orphanages. I felt my father calling me to honor his request but I did not know how. For about a week, two bald eagles sat outside my door. At that time I knew I would get a chance to honor my father’s last request of me, but when and how was unknown.

You see, about 2 years ago when I started speaking globally about sexual and physical abuse prevention, trauma therapy and self-esteem, I first went to my dad and told him I was going public. I explained it was going to be global and that I would do my best to share the healing and the circumstance but that I was going to be honest. He told me that I ruined his lunch, but it is my story and asked me to at least tell his story too…

The story about how he was hurt and how his brothers and sisters were hurt and torn away from their land, their language and how their innocence and connection to Spirit and the land has been taken.
At the time I did not understand how his story could be molded into mine, but I told him I would and this past week, I did.

We all sin; we all have been hurt. We all judge and hold grudges and we all can be redeemed. We all can heal; we all can accept and love AND we all can forgive. It is up to each of us to choose our own direction and remember that Spirit is guiding us and using everything for good. (Facebook it 🙂 Tweet it:)

I dedicate this HUGS TALK interview to the continued healing on every level for my Oglala family, my English family, my Irish family and my human family to remember that you are here as a spirit in A body – the body of God/Love/Spirit/Christ (you get the idea there is only ONE) and if you feel like God is preparing you with deeper understanding for something bigger than yourself, trust that you are doing it even if you don’t see it right away.

If you, like me, suffered in order to heal your family’s generational pains– to heal your tribe, hold love in your heart and know that you have the power to speak up and be healed. Ask God to show you exactly how deeply your ripple has rolled. When He does you might be amazed. I know I have.

Just listen –

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