HUGS Talk – Barbara Brown on health, wealth and walking with God

This HUGS Talk Monday replay is powerful and true.  Freedom comes when we trust, trust God, trust our relationship with God and His hand in our lives.  This interview with Barbara Brown is amazing, for business executive and house wives alike, you are God’s riches.  Her prayers of deliverance will bring shifts to your life, her story will inspire you and her faith will move you, to move your own mountains. 

Barbra BrownBarbara Brown is a walking miracle. She was divinely healed of muscular dystrophy more than 25 years ago. Since then, she has authored or co-authored four books, founded and directs five companies. Barbara is a travel guide into the Realm of the Miraculous. As the guest of kings and presidents, she brings a fresh perspective to palaces and boardrooms around the world, guiding individuals from the whorehouse to the White House, and audiences from six to 60,000, out of the world of striving and driving, into the presence of God and the Realm of the Miraculous. 

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