Do you want more freedom?

Do you want MORE FREEDOM?

Have you ever felt like you were hitting your head against a wall getting nowhere?

This is a personal prison, YET, you have taken all the courses, read the books, done the practices and YET, there is the wall.

This exact reason is WHY I have put together this 4 step series for you, to help you get your past (all those walls) out of your way for good.

A few years ago if you would have told me that I would have been published 5 times, be happily single mom, speaking and hosting a radio show, working with amazing clients and have 3 companies. I WOULD have thought it was a dream. But it happened, one step at a time. I’ve dreamed of being a change agent for the world, an inspiration, but I felt like a failure, stopped, blocked, etc…

Fast forward and all this has happened to me and now I get to ‪‎own it, At times I still am looking back in awe.

I was walked through this process of getting my past out of my way and allowing all these opportunities in.

NOW, I CAN share HOW I did it with you.

I would not believe it myself if I did not have the proof in front of me. But life continues to open to more freedom to really live the life I have dreamed of 110%. I do have BIGGER plans to receive coming. Because I know HOW to get my past out of the way I can live my destiny without pushing, forcing and fearing what might come up. I have more hope, faith and love to share walking forward.

My past was not pretty. I’m not special either. However, I am unique, and I have a lot to offer.

For years, I was told and believed horrible things about myself, and I choose to believe it. I was addicted to fixing myself. I was scared of being “found out” so I over shared. I was scared of having a flashback or reaction that would make me explain my story, so I shared it all first. I had the old stories, money issues, limiting beliefs. AND I made myself wrong for it all.

Until discovered the secrets I am going to share with you and said yes to taking those fears and turned them into my power. I transformed my shame into God’s glory. I discovered how to remove the sting of the triggers and replace them with confidence and power. This has allowed me to be free of the fear that held me captive and my life to continue to be blessed.

For the past six years as a Divine in 9 coach. I’ve got to help women (and some awesome men) reclaim their power, own their stories, use them to inspire hope in others and live FREE to trust truly, share and love themselves.

If you’d like to learn HOW you can do this as well and see your dreams manifest. Join my FREE 4 Step series.

Http:// where I am going to share for the first time HOW you can get your past out of the way, so your dreams can come true and start manifesting for you as they have me.

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