4 ways to stop denying yourself and THRIVE.

What do you deny for yourself?

Have you told yourself:

  • I’ll be happy when…
  • I’ll find love….
  • I’ll make enough money when…

I know I have and so have most of my private clients.  We are literally waiting on something outside ourselves to come and fill us up.  This leaves us slowing dying as we wait to be fulfilled.  I know this sabotaging habit far too well.

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To sum it up:

  • I would deserve love when I was ___ weight
  • I would be happy when I made $____
  • I would be successful when I touched ______ people’s lives….

Until then I STUCK working, feeling crappy and honestly a slip away from depression.

I like most of us, depended on the outside world to approve and validate my own deservedness.

As children as we develop this is the natural state of being as we learn how to be a person through observing our parents and community.  To understand more about this view video one in the four steps to get your past our of your way, series – get access here.

However, as adults,  we begin creating our own reality.  Stepping into own power begins with the acceptance of whatever you were taught when you were young.  Once we accept the good and bad of it all, we can then change our minds and, therefore, begin changing our reality.

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My invitation for you today is to stop denying yourself your ability to give yourself permission:

  • To be happy now
  • Find love within yourself
  • Create the money, abundance and lifestyle you desire to live.

Without having to look outside for validation, ideas or inspiration.

I have clients that find happiness being alone and ones that find happiness when surrounded by others.

I have clients where love means deep conversations and others that define love as shopping trips with themselves and their friends in mind.

When signing up for the Academy (an international coaching certification/training) this year I thought my definition of luxury would look like my mentors, however, the more I see my own idea of luxury I see it differently and just as fulfilling.

Join me this week, on our next LIVE call in the 4 step series (call 3) were I will give you my exclusive key’s to removing the blocks of your youthful programming (for lack of a better word) and open the doors for you to come home to yourself and claim your divine life.


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