Rock your genius using your six personal power zones.

Imagine yourself doing what you love and making a killer living. Working feels like play it comes so natural to you and every area of your life seems like a fairy tale. You look great when you walk into a room it so comfortable. You know what you want and how to get there. Your friendships and love life are thriving and everyone knows you got it going on!

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Does this sound like a dream life? I once thought so too, but it’s not. This is the life you were born to live and the life you can manifest for yourself. Here is the secret – over the last 20 years I have discovered that we are not truly satisfied until we master the 6 personal power zones we all have. When even one is out of sync it will make your life feel miserable. You will feel like you are constantly facing obstacles blocking you from the good life. However, once you master these 6 power zones your life is unstoppable; it literally falls into place like a fairy tail. And you can master them in as little as 1 hour a day of personal attention.
I know because I have been through the hell of having all 6 of these zones totally out of sink and I have lived in what I call our Magic Zone of Genius when all 6 zones are cared for, as well and believe me when you are connected to your 6 personal power zones your life flows.
In this article I will reveal to you your 6 personal power zones and give you one starter tip to reclaim your power in each. But don’t worry you can master them all in Divine in 9.
Your Power Zones:
1) Your body – Your body is unique, get to know it on a personal level. For starters what it likes for fuel and how it likes to move. Everybody loves water – recharge your body with early morning lemon water and throughout the day drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water and watch it purr for you.

2) Your Mind – Your mind can be your best friend. But it is up to you to train it to talk nice. Start by creating personal power sayings and posting them around the house like “ I am worth my attention.” Or “ I rock.”

3) Your Emotions – Your vibe is the most powerful manifesting tool you have. But many of us are afraid of all the emotions we can feel, we label them good and bad and this causes havoc. Start allowing yourself to feel ALL your emotions, once you make peace with them all you will have power over them and they won’t control you anymore.
4) Your Spiritual life – There is a power greater than us all – you can call it whatever you want but developing your own spiritual, quiet and reflective practice will give you direct hotline to your inner truth with will get you into your flow floating downstream to your destiny.
5) Relationships – You can’t control others in relationship so we can drop that drama now. But YOU CAN control yourself and it starts by deciding who you want to be in relationships. Start to reclaim your power here by writing down the different relationships you have and define how you want to show up in each.
For instance: As a friend: I am a loyal and present. As a Mother – I am available and understanding.
Knowing how you want to show up in relationship will cut the stress of being all things for everyone and allow you the freedom to just be awesomely you.
6) Expressing your Purpose/Genius – You have a purpose and you are a genius. However, your purpose and genius are most likely not what you think. They are not something you can train for, go to school for or get a degree in. They are what comes most natural to you. Most of my clients keep trying to find their genius in their interests or in their hero story. However, it is not there, your genius is sprinkled in every corner of your story, it’s your common thread that keeps giving you your spark to keep pushing on. I love helping my clients uncover their genius and jump onto easy street.

These 6 personal power zones make you, you. When you know yourself and define yourself in all 6 zones you are healthy, happy and wealthy and that is just the way it is. I bet you have seen those people that seem to have it all going for them, everything is just flowing and falling into place. I have interviewed many of them and the common thread is they take time everyday to cultivate and care for these 6 areas of themselves. It’s an internal love story and it is all about you.
I love helping my clients reconnect with all of themselves, put the pieces of their lives together and totally rock out their genius. To learn more about how in just 9 short weeks my clients form healthy habits and reclaim their power in all 6 power zones. Leaving them to celebrating everyday of their lives.

Join me for a 30 minute next step consultation and personal power zone review – it’s my thank you gift for taking the time to read this article.


WY1_3156-web-300x200Antiqua Lisha is a visibility specialist helping her clients see their beauty and genius and express themselves in the world. She works with women who are ready to leave their past in the past and say YES to their destiny. Her Divine in 9 program awarded her the title of America’s Premier Expert in self-care in 2011, she is a bestselling author a few times over and CEO of three companies all dedicated to helping you know and love yourself, because she believes that we are all worth celebrating.

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