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Your Life, Your Pleasure

Is your life a pleasure?  I mean, do you leap out of bed feeling inspired to experience another day?  I used to look at life as a learning experience and it was taxing to my whole system. Something I was having to survive until I learned this key principle to living your ideal life. Today, this

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Thank you for an amazing Divinely You Celebration

This past week I had the first annual Alaskan (we will be hosting events all over the world) Celebrate You concert and empowerment day. I have been overflowing with the miracles and blessings that came with this event. Leaping into the unknown and riding on the wings of faith is the best way I can

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Leadership Start Within

Being a visionary, leader and innovator takes extreme guts. I am not talking about people who necessarily in leadership roles in organizations, following a template created by someone else. I am speaking to the innovators, dreamers and out of the box thinkers who CREATE the organizations and templates that the managers, VP’s and everyone else

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