The dream and the reality – The Divinely You Concert

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so big, so out of this world, you questioned yourself for ever even having it?

What happened to it?

Did you scoot, crawl, and baby step to its reality or believe the voice of impossibility and move on?

This one decision is what separates the movers from the shakers.  It takes guts to fail, and fall and still stick to your dreams.  But those who do, succeed.

Just imagine a baby learning to walk.  (You may have heard this before but stick with me here.) Would you tell a baby with a desire to crawl not to roll over or scoot or with a desire to walk not to stand?

I will assume (forgive me) your saying NO right now in your head.

That is the exact way that dreams come true.  We have a desire for something first then we begin a journey. No one had written a book before they learned first to write and I’ve never met someone who spelled everything correctly their first go at it in elementary school.

So often we poo-poo on our dreams because we don’t get it right the first time because we have to crawl and work at it. Or we listen to others who tell you, it can’t happen.

And I am here writing this article today to inspire you to scoot, crawl and fall all the way to your big dream and beyond.

When I was 7 I had a dream, a vision of a big concert with people celebrating being alive.  At 13 I found my cause (ending the cycle of Divinely YOU eventabuse) and for the next (almost) 30 years I have scooted, crawled, stood and baby-stepped through the cure (personal development) to witness my dream turn into reality.  It changed a bit along the way with each step I could see with more clarity what the little girl at seven first had only a floor level view of.  Over the course of my life I have been taught to stand and walk and then run towards the reality of what is happening July 23rd at the Palmer Ale House in Palmer, Alaska.

My desire to help people move away from abuse into safety, and not only be safe but recreate their lives ending family cycles for good, by discovering their worth, strength, and solid confidence.

This dream like a baby: was born, then scooted,  crawled, stood support of loving hands and tables, and now I am letting go, and you are invited to run with us.

As an America’s Premier Expert in self-care, coach, and owner of a company that hosts events with top coaches from around the world in personal development. I have had to dream big and work to build the support system behind our non-profit Divinely YOU so we can have a significant impact and enhance abuse recovery in the world, ending cycles for generations to come.

True freedom and healing begin when you choose to believe in yourself; which is why we are dedicating a day of music and fun and celebration to this cause, and you are invited to Celebrate YOU with us; we have great bands, amazing vendors and self-care galore.  Every donation you make will go towards supporting this cause to educate, empower and give life back to those who are suffering from the low self-esteem that abuse creates.

Join us in Palmer July 23 on the green at The Ale House 11-5 and help us, help more people in our own backyard and beyond.

Divinely YOU event

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