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Hey, beautiful, thanks for visiting me here.  I have a few gifts designed for you.

Choose which one you think will serve you best, each is designed to help you reclaim your power and your identity.

If you don't know me yet, I am a trauma transformer: award winning, best selling author and my method of transforming trauma is unique for a few reasons.

 **  What I will share with you here has saved lives and helped 100's if not 1000's of women and some am amazing men put their lives back together after surviving trauma, it also saved my life.

**  You see I had a childhood like many of my clients, full of drama, trauma, and abuse. I acted out and screwed up.  I got sick (cancer at 21) and I began to put the pieces of my life slowly back together.  Much like you probably have.

**  While putting my life together.  I spent the past 30 years (since I was 13) documenting and sharing what worked and tossing out what didn't.  Over the years I have become a yoga therapist, fitness trainer, nutritionist, got my degree in transpersonal psychology and education. I did this for me and YOU each step of the way I  tested the method I share with clients and student, so YOU don't have to jump around anymore.

**  What's super cool is this method I am about to share with you. Is the foundation for both the yoga and coaching certification program we offer at  Your Own University. And the core of my Ph.D. program which I am currently enrolled.

Bottom line, I take your complete recovery from your victimization seriously.  I KNOW you don't need to struggle in survival anymore and I want you to join me on the other side, thriving.

A bit about what makes this recovery method so unique and holistic.

There are 6 area's that YOU have power over in your life. And 6 area's old trauma's (things that rock your world and for a moment or lifetime make you feel powerless) get trapped in and spin on a cycle of repeat. UNTIL YOU RECLAIM YOUR POWER!

The gifts below are mini-course here to help you see these patterns, grab them by the horns and tame them to your liking.

Choose which area of your life you are struggling with the most and let's begin our journey together.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and share this work, I hope to know you personally soon.

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