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Say YES use your story to inspire audiences and make great money.

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Training Series part 1 - 

Know Yourself - Find Your Genius

  • 1

    A journey to locate your GENIUS!

    3 steps to getting started

  • 2

    Finding your marketing Genius

Training Series part 2 - 

Rock Your Genius

  • 1

    Clearing the path for clear sailing.

  • 2

    Your mission and your message

  • 3

    Your Profit Sweet Spot

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Building your Empire one stone at a time is hard. Having help building it, SAVES you big -time and money!

Thanks for attending the Empire training...

I remember starting off as a new entrepreneur and coach. I had so many ideas running through my head and no one to help me fit the pieces together. Although, I learned a great deal from each of my business and personal coaches over the years, they always said "pick one thing" and my heart just could not do it.  I KNOW from my life experience that my clients have endless desires and goals to accomplish.

  • Your purpose is unique, dynamic and expressive.
  • You deserve to create a LIFE that works around your business that you love.
  • Making money IS part of your business AND so is impact.
  • You want to be known for your mark of genius and have your company succeed.
  • You have a message to share, a story to tell and a world to inspire.

I am here to help you discover your personal map to express yourself through books, programs and speaking gigs - to build your business and share your mission.

We will work together to personalize your plan - then along side our sister company Your Own University so you can become a published author, have the best marketing support, join us in our mastermind. While you have personalized support to launch your amazing programs. And this is only the beginning.

Take a deep breathe because you are in the right place!

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