What does YOUR ideal, heavenly life look like? Let’s find out…

Going deep yet again to help you create more confidence and clarity in your life. 

My thought today is this… How many of us KNOW what we would feel, do, be if EVERYTHING in our life and EVERYONE in our life created this “blissful ideal” we are all seeking?

I think the answer to that question is the exact clarity we all need. You see the more clarity I have about what ‘my all good, thee kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” life I can see and accept the more real it becomes.

I complain, I seek prayer and help in area’s I still feel cheated or lack or blocked in… in this way I am human. However, as I seek I also seek clarity to be clear on WHAT it is that I am seeking. How does it feel in my body – would I know my bliss if I was in it? How does it think – where would I put my mind if I was to think of the highest places? How does it feel – emotionally and spiritual can I taste it even this heavenly place or if God came and walked beside me would I simply pass him by?

The more YOU ask your heart what does my highest life look like? The better you will recognize it and the more you naturally think on it and live into creating it.

It’s journal time…. Don’t let anyone else hold the key’s to your purpose, your bliss and your expression of happiness – this is YOUR life.


key to happiness - someone elses pocket

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