Receiving answers to your prayers.

It seems there is a lot of challenging breakthroughs happening this week.  I have noticed a pattern over the past 10 years or more working with the Supernatural healers – ie. The Holy Spirit, Angels, Saints etc…

 This prospective gives me great relief in times of transition yet during times of transition it is hard to see this prospective.  So if you are in a time of transition meaning, you are having a hard week, your crap is bubbling up, you’re sick and tired and don’t know why.  Then this message is for you.


When we invite Spirit (God’s vibration = His team, His spirit, His love, call it whatever name you identify with) into your life, asking for help, healing, awakenings.  Then it comes.  However, it rarely comes in the way you (or I) desire it to come.  If it could come so blissfully it would and it does but usually there is something within us – a belief, a family pattern, a struggle we have not put down yet or at the very least a low vibration emotion ie. anger, shame, guilt, blame.  These things block God from transmuting our issues – so He first helps us move these blocks out of the way.


The more you are attached to your walls, blocks, family patterns then the more God has to pry them from you.  Sometimes you might be ready to let go of the pain, but you are attached to HOW you receive the answer to your prayer, this can block Gods gifts from you too. This resistance causes you pain and God does not want to cause you pain, He just wants you to let go and let Him have it.  So you can receive the enlightened prospective, relief and gift you have been asking for.


We all have issues we are attached to carrying around some more painful than others.  If your issue is with blame, sometimes Spirit has to work with someone else in your life and if they are not in agreement for restoration to occur then it is up to us to let go of blame and move on without that someone.  If your pain is physical it is time to listen get into the pain learn from your body, it always has a message from God in it for you – it might be an old trauma that you are ready to heal, forgive and learn from.  If you’re stuck in a situation you might have to let go of the outcome you want and open your eyes and ears to a new solution, learn to receive, build your faith.


Most of all it is important to know that if you ask for solutions to receive those solutions you might have to walk through some work first, trust that you are approaching the answers to your prayer.  Hold onto your faith for that faith will be tested (this is not God, this is the enemy – some say it is within us our EGO’s and minds keeping us blocked/safe, other see that this enemy is also in the supernatural world and we should always use discernment concerning these matters – call on St. Michael or Christ himself to fight this battle for you, and hold onto your faith.


When you pray for a certain issue to be healed, resolved... accept that there is wisdom to be gained as you ascend up the latter of life.


A friend long ago opened my eyes to this when she said “I knew better than to pray for patience.” You see she began to get a ton of opportunities to practice being patient, exactly the answer to prayer she was seeking.  She might have wanted to simply been given a patient heart with no cultivation of her own will, however God is for us, He wants us to be confident in our power, He wants us to know he is with us and we are with him.  So work through your training, if you feel alone – call back your power and embody it – you are not alone – your prayers are being answered.  You are just learning how to be empowered and trust yourself.


You can do this…You are loved… God believes in you.  He believes in me.  Christ is my conscious invite Him to be yours too and trust the steps you are taking now.  Write down your prayers and see what manifests, what you unlock, release, realize and grow from as your prayers and desires are met.  Then if you want share them with me and together we can celebrate how great our God is.


This leaves me with this song on my mind and heart…. This message is from God’s hand on my heart to you all today.  God bless.


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