Jekyll and Hyde – Sweeping up the eggshells…

Recently, I noticed a desire within me to develop deeper trust.  I asked God to help me heal  and restore this part of my heart.

Almost immediately I noticed myself – I would become reactive rather than powerful when around certain people.  These reactions where not at all in line with who I am and honestly when it did happen I felt this disconnection from my heart through –  shame and guilt swarmed me immediately.  I know these emotions are a sign that I am not in line with my highest good.

Then God showed me how I set up walls and walked on eggshells around a few people in my life to stay safe. This disconnection left me upset, hurt and scared again all emotions that show me I am not in alignment with my highest good.

Both these habits had at one point in my life had protected me but at this stage of my life they were doing more harm than good.

So what did I do?

I went through the Joy Club practice and got super clear about the person God has seeded me to be.  Then I started cleaning house.  This meant having some serious conversations, changing patterns and being really honest with myself.

Sidenote  – I am not perfect and I might very well slip again and have to pick myself up apologies and move on.  However, Gods grace is all around me right now. Helping me lean into who I know God created me as –  fair, loving, responsible and good who usually has good intentions at heart is freeing.

During this weeks Wave Wednesdays expression – We will cut the ties that are holding us captive – waiting for the other shoe to drop and take our power back to step into our good nature, secure and able to trust ourselves to do the right thing.  We will also express the fact that we all deserve to hang out with people that respect us and treat us kindly – so we can be ourselves without walking in fear.

Wave with me HERE –  the song is Alanis Morisettes Jekyll and Hyde today’s emotion of expression is to:

  • Stand up and shout we take responsibility for our actions and expect others to be honest with themselves too.
  • To tell every two faced or quick tempered person from our past to bug off and goodbye.
  • To take our power back once and for all.

Lets GO!  Press Play – 

What do you think?

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