How to kick depression to the curb, so you can live your best life.

Our host and leader Antiqua is a bestselling author, radio/tv host and yoga therapist whom for the past two decades has lead women who feel disconnected from their bodies and mentally excused “trying’ to balance their lives to their true beauty and peaceful confidence.

This weeks HUGS team has Kristin Planinz and Leta Greene, helping you to step into your best life, body. mind and soul!!

Depression and a period of sadness is common in most every persons life. If you are going through one of these low points, you are not alone.  This HUG is all about what you can do to help your body heal, your mind gain control and you spirit soar.

No matter your past, or what you’ve been told you are divinely made. The mission of all 3 of her companies is to give women all around the world the YES to express themselves fully in every area of your life.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Y.O.U. community it’s free and  we will  help you step fully into your natural divine essence.  Many members experience ease and peace as they transformed their lives for the better body, mind and soul.  Tap into your divine essence with her gift “The Embrace you” video series – claim your copy at

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