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This weeks HUGS gathering truly touched my life and I know it will yours too.  Get your HUG – Listen Now –

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Regina St Clare, Ph.D is a former Broadway and TV performer; a former professor of Education and Psychology and a world traveled researcher, teacher and writer 102on ageless wisdom traditions. She is a Himalayan Institute certified Yoga teacher, author, coach, healer, trainer, mentor, speaker  in various holistic modalities. She a is the creator of the Uni-Ed Curriculum, CORE PALS Learning Process, cited as  Excellent by NASDTEC–a national teacher certification agency.  She is also creator of IDPFT (In-Depth Personal Facilitator Training). Doctoral dissertation, Choreographic Models, Using a Group Process. NYU, 1973; Citizens Diplomat for Children as Teachers of Peace, USSR.  Regina is a Quaker and lives in NJ with her life companion, Frank Funicelli. 

 What’s in a name… my birth name, Gwendolyn Neser has changed with every career I have had.  In show business on Broadway, it was Gwen Neilson, (Google John Anderson’s Almanac and see me with Harry Bellafonte, Orson Bean and other stars of that era. In the early work as a teacher and later an a professor, years it was Gwen Claas, my husband’s name. In mid life when I had a spiritual awakening and I legally took the name Regina St Clare; after St Clare the spiritual female counterpart of St Francis of Assisi, who was the stimulus for my spiritual awakening when I thought I was to die. The name was received as a means for me to claim my full potential as a servant of God.

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