HUGS – Stepping into your divinity.

Let me share a piece of my heart today.

I was a little nervous today being my first LIVE show all by myself.  I really love simply sitting back and teaching and sharing my heart with you.  Today was like a magic bullet however.  I was excited to get some calls but then no one raised their hand and no one chatted it up in the chat room although I could see you there.  It was like Spirit was simply saying hold on, listen, learn and be still.

After the show I got a sweet message from a friend telling me to keep talking, keep loving and keep sharing.  It really lit me up and confirmed my need to know someone is listening.  Then to top it all off my husband whom I love, but who rarely listens in writes to tell me he loved the meditation and even took a break at work to experience the bliss with everyone.YOU-MAG Capture Love

Getting these comments from listeners like yourself mean so very much to me.  This month we have been focusing on our mindset and today I laid it all out for you, sharing some of the breakthrough techniques straight from Divine in 9 and the Joy Club.

  • Do you want to step into your divine body?  I share with you how you can begin doing just that.
  • Do you want to be the master of your domain – powerful, confident and on track?  I share with you exactly how to do that.
  • Do you want to drop the stress and drama of this world and start living the life of your dreams free, in love and peaceful?  This hour even shares with you just how to break free and step into your divine life.

I am telling you I share it all in this 60 minute HUG designed with YOU in mind and YOU on my heart.  Let me know what you think?  What you want more of and get ready to get your questions answered in the shows to come.

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