HUGS – See your inner beauty reflected back to you.

I am so excited about today show – Milly Flik is a fashion pro but she does not just take her clients shopping she helps them look within, discover their divine beauty and signature then finds the perfect styles to match your body, your values and your signature style.  WOW now that is a new take on a fashion consultant. 

Today she is sharing tips about how to find your inner beauty and how to dress to impress YOURSELF :).

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Milly’s on a mission beacause Beauty Matters; and it feeds the soul. Through consultation and personal styling, we will embark on a journey of discovery and celebration of the one-of-akind YOU. Using tools such as your personal palette of colours and your unique body and face shape, you will learn to showcase your persona with fashion, clothing, and accessories. Regardless of body type or size, confidence and poise will await at the conclusion of our consultations.


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