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This past week has been a big one – as I enter into my sensitive time and reflect all my questions bubble up.  Yesterday I had an interaction that was bubbling for a few weeks and although I believe I got clarity. I also was left with the same condemnation I felt coming into the conversation. 

 How can I know God is speaking to me?  The truth is I can’t. But faith has a very big big part in this discussion as does practice and although at the beginning of the day I forgot how God has been training me up and building my confidence in my hearing His word within me as well as how you can get in on this training as well – He has reminded me and I feel lead to share it with you. 

 God’s humor got the best of me today as He reminded me that I have been at this listening and getting results thing for a while.  I was convicted and feeling like crap.  I prayed was lead to Eph. 4 and 5 heard my own grumbling, prayed, asked for forgiveness from God and others and then sat with my own unknowing.

As the day passed God was already ahead of me in this lesson (as always).

 I started my ask and receive process with God years ago.  I want to share this testimony with you so God can develop your faith and listening within you as well because it is results baste and amazing.  So you too even if it is in your own mind can feel as close to God as I do at times.

 You see when I was in my 20’s I was a space case. Then I met a lovely women who could find anything.  I asked her how she did it and she told me she just asked God to help and listened and God always showed her.  So I started practicing instead of running around looking for my keys or whatever I would ask and listen.  God showed me pictures sometimes and other times I would have a memory or a word pop into my mind I would follow it and walla! There would be what I was looking for.  Does it always work – YES – do I always get the whole story -no- but after we find whatever it is it always makes since and thank you and praise follows.

 I forgot about this training because Jesus had not revealed how I got so confident in my listening until today when His humor got the best of me.

 Here is today’s story and how God has trained me to listen over the past 14 + years  – 

I noticed that my dog Mickey was not under my feet this morning so I called for him and nothing.  So I thought he went to work with my husband so I called and he said no.  So I prayed and listened and I saw a trunk of a car with a window.  So I called Jake (my husband) back and said asked if he was sure Mickey did not hitch a ride.  Then I went calling around town again to no avail. 

 Then I asked again and prayed that God would send His angels to walk Mickey home a prayer that 99% of the time send Mickey running into the yard.  But instead I saw the same picture in my mind’s eye.  So I called the Pound and they had nothing.  I was getting worried so I watched some TV because I could not focus on anything else. 

 When it was time to go pick up the girls I went to my truck and saw Mickey in the back. He had been trapped all day.  God had told me, I had got the message yet I did not “get it” from my own understanding.  However, I got it as soon as I saw Mickey.  You see, my girls had to get their coats out of my car this morning and Mickey wanted to go for a ride and indeed got locked in. 

 At that very moment, my friend, who was praying for me to have peace and resolution around this unknowing texted me at this very moment.  All I could do is laugh because God indeed trains the willing, even if we don’t realize what He is doing. Over the past 14 years God has been building my confidence. 

 God reminded me today that I started slow and with each successful ask, listen and find, God has built my faith and confidence in Him and I have grown to recognize His voice in my heart.

 God has been and is faithful and anyone can ask for this training. God is willing to train the willing.  Start slow with keys like me and move on up – I think today I finally God have a tiny bit of understanding around the final passage in James or the popular “ask and you shall receive.” 

 I want to invite you to begin this training – all you have to do is ask and listen and you will mess up, but over time you will gain confidence in God’s mind within you.

 So that is my testimony.  And fun way to develop your faith in God. Beyond fabulous Bible time or a big deal transformational experience and apart from anyone’s relationship with Him but your own.  So go play lost and found – my first lessons in faith – concerning hearing and following the Holy Spirit within.  You also have this same spirit within you – my sisters and brothers.  Enjoy!!  

What do you think?

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