HUGS ā€“ Is your fat protecting you?

Kathleen Frank is a world renowned International trainer and consultant and has contributed more than 35 years of her expertise in Marketing and Communications. She is a frequent speaker at top events, a published author, and contributes articles for many industry related magazines. Aside from her career as a trainer, speaker and consultant, Kathleen is currently focusing on writing more books while establishing a non-profit organization called Restoration Life Foundation where she desires to help girls and women, who have been sexually abused, molested, raped or trafficked. Her latest book, Iā€™m Fat and Nobody Cares addresses the many issues that people face who battle obesity and the reason why the obesity epidemic is not solely limited to overeating. Through her own struggle and heartbreak, Kathleen attempts to uncover the roots of this rampant issue and bring to light the pain that she and many others have experienced through weight gain. All proceeds from this book will be given to Restoration Life Foundation.

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