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Ever wonder how some people always seem to effortlessly make decisions while others struggle with what to eat for breakfast? My go to healer Kristin Planinz is hosting an extraordinary conference going on right now that teaches you exactly how to cut the stress out of decision making and feel great about the direction your life is going. In today’s HUG she shines a bit of light on this all natural super power we all have called intuition and how you can harness yours for better health and more peace of mind. Plus she gives us all access to her Intuition Conference happening now – it’s a priceless gift.

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Kristin Planinz, The Intuitive Heart Healer–Transformational Healer, Sought-After Speaker and Coach, holds a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Hypnotist. Kristin specializes in the latest expression of her divine gifts: Intuitive Heart Healing: a powerful, unique, gentle and highly effective individualized process to removing emotional blocks and old repeating patterns that keep you from living your life fully and joyfully.
Kristin believes you can be happy no matter what. Her techniques work quickly, gently and effectively to remove emotional and spiritual based obstacles in your path. She works with heart-centered leaders, professionals, healers, teachers, artists and mothers all over the world who need a little help to heal their hearts and step into a more joyous way of living.

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