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This week has been far from normal, all things have slowed down and there was a point I had no idea what this weeks HUG was going to be about. Then my good friend Vanessa came to mind, it is always real and inspiring when we get to visit and I my heart was nudged to invite her to share her gifts with us all. She is a success strategist with a tool box full of tools to help her clients achieve their definition of success. This HUG much like my week was full of surprises, I reveal some pretty personal hangups and by the end of this 30 minutes had some amazing insights into why my circle of success has been feeling incomplete. It has only been about 1 hour since this interview and shifts in my reality are already coming about…needless to say this is one powerful HUG.

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Vanessa Jane – Success Strategist

My expertise lies in personally guiding people to make their imagination into reality, at taking a dream and making it manifest. I have 20 years of experience in psychology, coaching, marketing and branding, hypnosis, holistic health and well-being, creative and spiritual arts, personal transformation, environmental studies, which all allow me to offer a truly unique program to create profound impact in people’s lives.
I am passionate about helping people see their own value, connect to what lights them up, showing where their power is and channeling it into pleasurable, cool, profitable, connected and authentic lives and businesses. Helping you do great things.
By bringing all my knowledge and gifts together to help assist you to open up your eyes to the possibilities and potential that exist for you, means I get to live powerfully, authentically and fearlessly pursuing purpose, passion and prosperity. I could not have created a business that is more me.


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