HUGS DAILY!! 15 minutes to refresh and renew your day! A coffee break for your soul.

It has been my dream to empower others and help everyone around me be their best, for as long as I can remember. 

Today it is my greatest joy to be have my books and programs helping people from all walks of life, all over the world. 

Yet, after this last Divine in 9 group program was launched I felt called to do something a bit different, something that will stretch me as well as my clients, friends and listeners and that something is a daily – call to action.  

A call to take a break and listen and join hands in community. In this community we will love one another as we all listen to the wisdom of God which He has written just for each of us on our very own hearts.  Here will will know the desires of our heart, so He can fulfill our greatest passions.  

It really only takes a moment and there is nothing better than to feel centered within your very own heart. 

In hearing this call, I asked God what can I do? Then he asked me to commit to leading a Sacred Heart gathering everyday.  At first I was scared and a bit overwhelmed but then a peace came to me when I realized that my personal mediation time would begin by joining hands with you and I together centering and preparing our souls for our days.

This 15 minute coffee break for your soul starts Monday- Friday at 9 am Alaska time, 10 Pacific, 11 Mountain, 12 Central Standard and 1 pm Eastern Standard Time – HUGS Daily will reach out to you – so hit “listen” or click the “Listen Live” tab on our tool bar and sit back, take a deep breath and let me lead you in a centering practice that has changed my life and 1000’s of my clients over the years. 

Each day we will begin with a bit of wisdom from the Book of Wisdom – just a little food for thought.  

Then I will walk you through a short and sweet centering practice were you will have time to reflect, listen and harmonize with the most important person in your life – YOU! Feel free to invite your friends, everyone can use HUGS daily. 

“When you are in harmony with your heart, God will show you the path to your desires and you will be able to act in full faith.”  Anonymous 


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