How important are you?

How important are you really mom?” was the question posed to me by my daughter as we drove home from school. She was wondering if I am famous.  She see the books and me working with clients and now traveling and wonders how important I am.  I could see the wheels turning in her head questioning her worth in mine.

At first I began to answer her question sharing with her that I do get to meet some powerful and incredible people almost daily.  I shared with her that I guess I am kinda famous for my books, speaking gigs and my radio show. Since they are going out to people I don’t personally know YET.

Then she asked “Are you important to a movie star mom?”  I stopped the car, pulled over and shared with her what my life has taught me. The same perspective  I share with my clients and with joy in my heart as she stared into my eyes and smiled I shared with her the truth about being important.

I never felt important growing up, my parents worked, I was a latchkey kid and to top it off I was abused. In junior high through my twenties, I saught to be popular because then I would be important or so I thought.  However, that just left me sad when something would happen, and my “fame” would flop.  I also have lived through a marriage when most of the time I felt more like a burden than an appreciation or someone of importance.  So I know what it feels like to want to feel important and want to be recognized and yet fall short. 

What all this taught me is that BEING IMPORTANT IS AN INSIDE JOB, which most of us hire out.

I explained to both my girls that it is up to us and us alone to be important.


5 simple ways you can become the most important person in your world today.

1)  Go to the closest mirror right now and look into your wonderful eyes and affirm to yourself from yourself  “ I am important.”  “I am valuable.”  “ I am enough.”

2)  Know your top 3 important things to do for you and do those things.  For me, it is my morning hot water, my meditation and quiet time each day these are #1 to me. Because I am important to myself I take time for my top 3 no matter what.

3) Recognize that you are important to others.  For instance, in the car I looked at both my girls and told them I know that I am important to them and I take that very seriously.  I also told them I know I am important to my clients and community, and I take that seriously.  This is me being important. It also allow the person/s you are being important too, to feel important themselves.

4) Recognize when you are allowing others to MAKE YOU important or prove to you that you are.  Take back your power and be important to yourself.

5) Choose to be important, valuable and famous in your own world, no one else can be the star of your own feature film.  This life is yours and yours alone.


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