TRUTH BOMB! IT’s time….

You may have noticed my business has gone through an up leveling once again.  This year has been amazing and a bit wild as well.

I started off launching Your Own University – my membership site and coaching directory for all things personal development (and the home of my online courses). We published our first E-Media book “Do you KNOW…IT Depends on You” (download it for your viewing pleasure).

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it…

But in all honesty, it didn’t go as planned. All that work ended up costing me a ton of time and money.  While I was focusing on getting the book done, I couldn’t or didn’t focus on meeting new clients and offering my gifts of service. By January when the book finally did get launched and the wonderful summit full of experts all sharing about making life their own. But since the book took so long the timing was off and I fell flat on my face as an entrepreneur.

Then the sh@t hit the fan. My own life seriously, my life’s work was put to the test… You can hear how in this week’s interview as I spilled the beans (for better or worse with Luci) Listen here. It airs today Wednesday evening.

To keep this email short, what I learned that sometimes a wound has to be broken open in order to fully heal.

I basically took 3 months off of work, I worked a bit and wrote the majority of the YOU Matter, love notes.  I meditated a lot.  I thought about the person I desire to be, the person I desire to share my life with and what is really really important to me.

In July, I hosted the first Divinely You concert to end the cycle of abuse - beginning with yourself.  AND I REALIZED FINALLY that I have one purpose, that everything I do from raising my kids to coaching to teaching has had one purpose, to end the cycle of abuse - through self-love and self-care.

That is it! 

When I realized that ONE gem of clarity, I could finally see why I have never fit into ONE BOX as a coach.  Because we ALL can abuse ourselves in many different ways, by over or under eating, by negative stories and self-talk, by sabotaging yourself in business or love or by hiding out and not expressing yourself.

AND if you were raised in an abusive situation, then this subconscious habit can be hell to break jumping from one expression (in one area of your life) to another and back again keeping the cycle going over and over again. AND IT SUCKS! It's a helpless feeling and it sucks.


We all go through these things, no matter what your story it is. Meaning you are not alone - if you are struggling in this painful place.


It's part of life. Life can get easier for SURE! But the end to having to deal with "bad news insights" and/or annoying people or negative situations is LIFE.


There are METHODS and TOOLS to navigate and breakthrough ALL of these struggles from body issues to repetitive habits that keep creeping up in your life.



Are you ready? Ready to learn how to navigate your life, both when the sun is shining so you can soak it up and in the storms so you no longer are afraid of them; but instead can laugh and dance through them?

Let me share, a few ways I am here to help you navigate your amazing life.

Since July what has happened, is amazing. IT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU TOO!  

#1 - YOU Matter club is OPEN and people are saying it is the answer they have been looking for to help them get into action and love themselves again. HEALING is happening. Someone even said, "YOU Matter is the Fly Lady of Self-Care." How cool is that!

#2 - I now get to answer the prayer for Holistic Coaches to succeed in the AG Business academy and YOU Coaching Academy is OPEN for enrollment.

#3 - The Y.O.U. Yoga academy and 200-hour training is OPENING online early 2017

#4 - Clarity of coaching in the Amazing YOU Program - This award-winning program has launched again and this time we go deeper into how I have manifested the relationship I desired, the one I have dreamt of, the impossible one. Has shown up, I was shocked and now sit happily in meditation, going to dance classes and learning beside a fabulous love. We go deeper into healing your relationship with sex and enjoying multiple 5 level orgasms and together we create your ultimate tools box to create more bliss in your life from work to love so you can manifest the life of your dreams in real time.

#5 - JUST FOR YOU - I have a few open spots for a complimentary NEXT STEP clarity call - in these calls you will discover the most powerful area of your life you can focus on connecting with in order to find more bliss and freedom right now and you can learn more about working with me privately this coming year.  IT"S time to end the struggling, end the fight and win the war - it begins when you choose to do something different when you choose to discover HOW TO LOVE YOU.

The first part of this year sucked.  It has been hard.  I had been struggling and in pain. My mindset was challenged.  My body was sick.  I was faced with the task of facing every horrific emotion I never wanted to face and my soul literally left body due to trauma.  AND even though that all happened - I have ROCKED it! The tools I know and share with my clients can get you through the toughest of times and times you feel like giving up, what you learn through working with me or being a part of the YOU Matter community, will help you navigate through the ups and the downs of life.


-Much love, 

P.S. Never forget to CARE and LOVE you again!  You're important to us all.  

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