The Red Tent Revival ~ with Kristin Sweeting Morelli

Do you ever want more? 

Well, I have a treat for you the Red Tent.  In it you will open to more love, freedom, fun and connection in all areas of your life.  I know I am ready to expand my world and embrace all the parts of me that God created holy and good. ALL of them. And  that is exactly why I have to share this amazing event with you.

In January I dove in to the first Red Tent Revival LIVE online event following my business coach Kristin Sweeting Morelli and see went deeper than I ever imagined. I am so very happy I did it.  Through her business coaching I learned how to create a method and plan to build my business the way I wanted too and in the Red Tent I learned how to build my life they way I want too.  Just check it out (HERE). 

Do you want to become the woman who experiences more pleasure, fun, and freedom than she ever thought possible? You gotta check out the Red Tent Revival!! This is going to be sooooo good.  This FREE, YES FREE event starts May 16th and it is going to be amazing – she has brought together some incredible women to help us awaken our bodies and explore our capacity for pleasure on a whole new level.

The red tent

She will be covering everything, even bringing in some bold women who are going to share with us why so few of us actually experience the big “O” and how we ALL can open up to receiving not only one but many many more.

We will dance together, laugh together and awaken to our feminine side ~ we will even learn how being a powerful women empowers our men.  In the last Red Tent there where 100,000 women dancing and celebrating our natural essence together, women from all over the world. This event is going to be epic. Don’t miss it – registration is FREE and it is open NOW ~ join us all HERE.

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