Healing Sexual Trauma one LOVING habit at a time.

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  • Daily steps to get our of survival and into balance.
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Dr. Lisha Antiqua spent over 2 years putting together the Love, You letters you will receive each day. These short and effective habits are designed to bring you balance, awareness and more joy into every area of your life.  Dr. Lisha is a transpersonal psychologist specializing in how trauma is trapped in our consciousness and how to heal it.  These habits are unique some of them you will love and others will not be your cup of tea. If you don't like them don't adopt that one into your life, the ones you love begin utilizing to heal your life. As you open each love letter you will find a 10 minute or easy life hack, on the days you choose to practice loving yourself you will gain insights, tap into healing wisdom, gain energy and heal relationships.

Welcome to this growing community of women around the world, who are ready to reclaim their power, heal trauma and change not only for yourself but also for future generations.

Love, YOU