HUGS – What is intimacy anyway? Let’s figure it out.

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HUGS with Tammeron Karaim the intimacy expert and radio show host. She says intimacy starts with yourself. Her new book is going to crack you up while validating you to figure “it” out.

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A message from Tammeron –

As I have grown and matured, I have had this great desire to understand who I truly am so that I can make sense of how I evolved into the person that I am now. Over a lifetime of events, I have looked at specific things and I have taken the time to reflect and journal about events and or/circumstances and the reactions to the people involved, including myself. It has given me a great opportunity to want to understand other people as well. The bottom line is that I think as humans, we are so fascinating. I believe the mind is so great and powerful it can teach us how to create beautiful experiences in our everyday lives.

When I take more time to sit down and understand myself, I think I can see where my true strength and weaknesses really show up for me and I can honor myself as a unique individual. We are all capable of the same emotions that is what connects us. But, what we do with those identical emotions with our unique reactions or responses, creates such a diverse complexity of human existence.

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