HUGS TALK God’s Path – Your heart.

As many of you know I am in the middle of a beautiful healing and elevating event that came to my heart over 2 years ago.  When I had to idea to have Janet on HUGS this week nearly 2 months ago I had NO idea how perfectly our HUG would fit into this week.  However, I have a feeling God did.

This HUG is all about living your best life, the life God wants for you.  One full of ease, love, riches and daily blessings and Janet and I talk about exactly how you can step into this life today.  We also share a bit about the walk into this simple yet profound shift and then to top it off she leads us through an experience.   This HUG really is a part of the Art To Happiness and I am so excited to share it with you today.

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2013_05_03_10_14_49Janet-Lee Halish owner of Gratitude Road blends Divine guidance, Intuition and Science so that the Body/Mind & Spirit exist in harmony. 

 Janet earned a B.S. with Highest Honors in Natural Healing & Herbology.  She is a Nationally Certified Massage & Bodywork Therapist and has studied with and is guided by Master teachers, Innovative Thinkers, Doctors and Scientists in this realm and beyond. 

 It is through Divine Guidance that her unique method and knowledge transform into processes that help you heal your own personal wounds and traumas and transmute them into a foundation for a happy and fulfilled life.  Janet helps you find your own keys to the kingdom so that you may unlock the barriers or barricades you’ve created to stay safe or hidden.  She facilitates you in a process to reclaim your power, heal your heart and soul and shift into a more conscious, aware and happy life. 

 Janet shows you unconditional love and as a result of this thoughtful integration of body, mind & spirit you learn to open to Divine guidance.  Janet is currently working on a book that teaches you the key to receiving Divine Guidance, how to adjust to pitfalls along the way and living on purpose.


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