HUGS Talk – Are you a follower?

I used to think being a follower was a bad thing, that was until I began to understand how and who to follow.  Welcome to a new month of HUGS today I am kicking it off by sharing a bit of my heart and in doing so helping you gain confidence, beauty and ease in your life.

Who am I? Here is a note from my friends a bit about me and HUGS 🙂

Antiqua Libbey is a leading Spiritual teacher, healer and author. She was named one of Americas Premier experts in 2012 for her self-care books, the Divine in 9 program and teacher training all empowered by the healing power of Christ’s love harmonizing your body, mind and soul. Antiqua is lovingly known as the trauma transformer – by her private clients. Her divine gift is to witness and celebrate the divine beauty within you. When she uncovers your divine essence you experience an ease and peace being healthy, wealthy and wise, simply wonderfully divinely you.

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Antiqua Libbey is the weekly host of H.U.G.S. (Hearts Uniting Gods Spirit) featuring inspirational interviews with thought leaders and experts in wellness, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness who are following Gods lead and bringing light into our world. Her intention with each HUGS is to help you see the beauty that lays dormant within you and be filled with hope, faith and love. Join us each Wednesday at 3pm PST/6pm EST on USC Blog Talk channel 2.

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