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This week kicks off a new month and our theme this month is all about enjoying the body you are in.  Today like most months I am leading the charge speaking all about how what you eat can bring you down or raise you up, food for your mood.

After years of battling depression for seemingly good reasons, I was sick of feeling down about life.  I had done all the conventional things to be happy – coaching, therapy, yoga, meditation, trauma therapy, EFT, CERT, you name it I did it.  However, my emotions where all over the place and I was stuck in a pattern of either distracting myself from my feelings or sinking into them and feeling lost in hopelessness.

UNTIL – I discovered I have a serious reaction to wheat and gluten and that reaction used to be almost 100% bio-chemical meaning what I was eating MADE me depressed, so all the internal work I was doing to regain my happiness and overcome my abusive childhood was working but I could not reap the rewards of freedom until I stopped eating grains.  Once I stopped eating grain however all my training and years of recovery unfolded naturally and effectively.  It has been about 5 years now since I took gluten out of my diet and although I still have to work it to keep my body in shape, my mind is 100% better for it.

During this weeks HUG I explain some of the tips to get a fit body and stop emotional eating so you can live into your best life, mentally and physically. This HUG is all about your freedom – some food for your mood and straight from my Nourish You course proven to give you lasting results.

Listen, share.

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