HUGS – Beautiful You

In all my years in the self-care field stress has been the biggest wedge between you feeling and looking your best and you feeling like someone else has taken over your life.

Today we are kicking off a new month and we will be talking a lot about beautiful you all month long.  I will kick it off by sharing with you my stress buster tips – then next week we will talk to my dear friend Melanie again about staying fit and firm after 40 and more about getting the most from your workouts and health.  Then the following week join me and Milly from My Beauty Fashioned and get the scoop about how to make your clothes work for you and not against you.  Then the following week we are going to explore your beauty even deeper – how you can except it , live into what is working for you and feel great about being you forever more with my friend Paula Lacobara Tatro.

My secret (or not so secret) weapon against daily stresses to keep you tapped into your joy and yes less stress means less weight!

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