Answering God’s Call the prayer of 12-12

There are times in life that the unexplainable happens perhaps a miracle — a call from God. Sometimes God calls us and we recognize Him for a moment, but then we begin to question and rationalize away what just happened, then there are other times we simply can not. Yesterday 12-12-12, I experienced an unexplainable calling too perfectly timed to ignore or rationalize away. I choose to jump over my fears and reasons why not to post this and follow Gods call and share this post with you.

Listen and download God’s Prayer of 12-12-12

Rationalizing God’s Call –

I have felt Gods undeniable call over and over again around 2 gifts in my life. The first unending urge He has placed in me is to share how amazing you are with you. To introduce you to or build upon your internal knowing of the Trinity Within so God’s power is flowing through you and you can express it effortlessly, fit, happy and divinely inspired. I feel honored God has taught to me so much about our spirit, body and mind to share the wisdom He has placed in them with you. The other has been a calling that has saved my life, given me hope, it has filled me with worth when I felt worthless. It seemed to be my saving grace many times over. For a bit when I was younger, I thought it was going to be my career, but after making a simple jazz CD (not of my own music, but the classics), I married and moved to Alaska and that dream passed. Yet, over the past year I have been asked by quite a few people (most of which did not know me AT ALL) if I sing. They ALL would say “God keeps telling me that you sing. Do you sing?”

I would answer yes and leave it at that. But it made me pray, asking God to help me find a band or someone to help me write music, but no one came and I struggle to find the urge to learn the worldly skills needed to be a professional musician. Still, at times I have gone out of my comfort zone to sing a prayer (an in the moment song passing from the Holy Spirit to my heart) over a yoga class or two, as they lay in savasana. Oddly enough in the past few weeks God has nudged me to used my I-phone to record a few of those heart prayers, but my fear has kept me from sharing them with anyone but my husband. I never have shared MY music, I have never felt like I had the backing, no band, no cords written down, no one handing me to green light. How can someone sing if they never write down the song, if it simply comes through them? All this reasoning… My ego was holding me back, fear has kept me from believing, trusting, it has stopped me literally from stepping off the cliff of the unknown. Not knowing if you will be crucified or embraced is a scary thing, especially if you are not going along with the status-quo (liking singing without music, a plan or a band). All this reasoning had kept me safely avoiding sharing what the Holy Spirit translates through me, when “I” drop my plans and allow prayers from the Holy Spirit to pass from my heart to my lips and bless my life. I have been avoiding sharing this because singing has always been my saving grace and I do not want it taken away. But when God says jump, I jump.

How this miracle took place –

Yesterday, as I entered into my daily meditation I felt blessed to be spending this time with so many people around the world meditating and praying on 12-12-12. During my prayer I once again offered God — all of me. I asked Him to give me clarity as I lay with my face pressed on the ground, I felt moved to sit up and sing my prayer. When I sing prayers I surrender and allow this love to come through me, sometimes sounds flow from me and then at other times simple words and offerings to the King of Kings. I allow tones to flow from my heart which some have called “speaking in tongues” to freely pass my lips, I call them love and their vibration has healing power.

The 12-12-12 prayer was no different, however God called me – literally.

My dear friend Kristin called me during while I was away from my computer meditating for 12-12 on Skype. On the video recording you can hear her testifying a man answered the call and told her to leave a message and she hung up (or so she thought). At the same time my Evaer recorder started to record – on it’s own only showing one side of the screen. After waiting unknowingly for 12 minutes Kristin began to hear a song coming from her computer.

I do not have a skype answering machine and my recorder is set up to record both sides of a conversation (which I use for HUGS) and it never starts on it’s own. God was giving me a clear message and that message is to share this prayer and healing vibration (in song) with you.

This is my prayer for you, for 12-12 and my public answer to God. Yes I am willing.

Listen and download God’s Prayer of 12-12-12

The prayer and the authentic testimonial between myself and Kristin (I do say 2 curse words…in my OH MY state of mind) please forgive me in advance. Here you will hear and see just how awesome this call from God is, how ironic and why I just had to go out on a limb and jump off it and share Holy Spirit music with you. The testimony itself is about 5 minutes long, I did not know what to trim so I left it raw. God bless you, Antiqua

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