What a girl wants. To be seen, to be desired and to be accepted….

A Diary Of Expression :


Today – I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  Seriously, God has been so very good to me, He has taught me so much and it has been me who has been so blind to His blessings but now I see. His mercy is great and finally I am understanding. I know over time I will see this as just a glimpse of all that He has blessed me with, but today it is huge.

I have been willing and for that although it has been 20 years in the making and 20 years of seeking – I am just seeing His teaching hand for this very moment in my life over all of my life.  I seek no more – Christ is all I need and He has given me a life to share. He has given me the wisdom I need to do my small part in helping His Kingdom, His daughters know Him through THEM. I am so fired up for what is about to happen at Divinely You and so thankful that it is happening now and not sooner. 

 Today’s lesson to share – how deep this gratitude goes, how personal He is. 

I see that by denying what I have been given I have been denying God. I have been given a body. By denying my body and perpetually fixing it, listening to others tell me what it should be and making myself wrong I am denying Gods sovereignty in my life and in turn not trusting in Him creating all things good and beautiful including my body.


I have been given a heart to feel and a body to resonate life, by denying that life with completes and unsatisfactory I am denying that God is and has and will continue to be in me and therefore I have been unsatisfied with a part of Him as I have been received into His united body.  To be a sinner is just that but to be covered in His blood and deny that just to walk around like a poor sinner is not what my God intended for His children.  He has forgiven and I will continue to be human to mess up, to be critical but His grace I will continue to be grateful for and from it I will continue to surrender to His Spirit in me, my perfect, beautiful, lovely, soul in which God gave me.  For this I am giddy and happy and so very thankful. 


I have been given a life full of experiences, healing, teaching, lessons and to deny it is to again deny God’s hand.  God does not leave us even when we seem to be moving from Him, actually He may even pull us closer.  I have been shown and given so much in my life, healed through so many of Gods earth angels and expressions of His own hand.  I have a full tool box for the mission I am here at this time to put into action for His work to be done.  How can I deny that?  I am so very thankful for all the confirmation and validation I have been given and God continues to give me through His hands and feet, YOU!


God does not convict but he forgives, God does not make wrong but He makes what is wrong right again, God is love and from Him and to Him and through Him are all things. Therefore we are at our very core LOVE and GOOD and BEAUTIFUL and ALIVE in Him here on earth.


I choose to break my old patterning – as a child love was a lie for the most part – shown to me through example that people who love you and care about you show you it by fixing you. That making you wrong and helping you see where you are failing  is loving you.  But this is not love. Now I see that is condemnation, therapy and demoralization.  There are times we all need to be set straight. When we steal, kill, cheat, lie, hurt others or ourselves.  And I have needed this kind of correction at times in my life as must if not all of us have.  However, this is not the only essence of love this is correction – and when it is the only love you know it is hard to accept, love and be thankful for Gods blessings, especially the life He has given you personally. 


So today – I am feeling my eyes open and my heart soften to a new love one that I do not deserve but God has given me anyway.  A love of seeing myself as He sees me as a deserving child, a conduit, a member of His Holy body and I accept Him, I accept myself, as worthy of so may gifts and a mission to help women who have been feed versions of this lie to know true love.  WOW what a great life!

You have so much to be grateful for, starting with you – you get to be you and you are lovely.  If you don’t know it – get on my mailing list – what are you waiting for.  It’s time to find love again and tap into the deepest most personal gratitude there is.   


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