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 When I was first introduced to EFT and the BELIEF technique I thought it was a little crazy. But I was willing to try anything once on my search for the fastest route to freedom. It was about 6 years ago and that day changed my life.  I had been stuck in the cycle of survival for a lifetime literally and not matter what could not break myself from it.  The first time I did this I thought the BELIEF technique coach was a bit crazy.  That was until I was faced with my trigger again and NOTHING happened – I was free I was in control and I could finally put to practice all those “good” behaviors my therapist had told me too.  

To practice BELIEF which I will share with you during Divine in 9 and EFT it really is simple.  Sometimes one technique works better or faster than the other depending on what is happening around you.  For today I am going to share with you EFT Emotional Freedom Technique – it is popular and had been documented time and time again to help let go of old patterns and beliefs and emotional triggers so you are free to choose to be your best. 

Here our the points we will be tapping today jump on the call and speak up and we might tap on one of your beliefs and be set free.  


tapping point pics



Join us live –
Title: Freedom Project Call 2
Time: Tuesday, December 17th at 2:00pm Pacific – (1 AKT, 2 PST, 3 MST, 4 CST, 5 EST)
Time Converter – HERE
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Phone number: (206) 402-0100
PIN Code: 094262#

To attend, visit:

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