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Private yoga sessions, and chakra balance sessions complete to help you heal specific aspects of your life, along with music, cleansing mediations are available by scheduling private sessions and classes with Lisha Antiqua at

What are Chakra’s?

Chakra’s can be explained many different ways.  From a western standpoint, the chakra’s are literal nerve bundles which run up the spine into the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain, which you can see in the diagram in this packet.  In Eastern medicine they are coils of energy that are located along the spine as well as near the third eye and crown of the head – these are the energy centers or organ for what the yogi’s call the nadi’s also called your meridian lines in other forms of eastern medicine. In the west, we recognize these fibers as the connective tissue that interconnects everything throughout your body.  No matter how you look at them on the physical level they are nerves, but as you grow to know your body, mind, spirit as your holistic self, they are so very much more. We are going to explore all of that today.

How many chakras’s do we have?

There are 7 commonly spoken about chakras. Although there is known to be minor chakra’s as well some say as many as 12 altogether. In this workshop, we will cover the basic knowledge and experience each of the main 7.

How often should you align your chakras?

As often as you remember to this is a wonderful practice to wake up with and lay down to rest with.  Visualizing your chakra centers helps to calm the mind while engaging mental energy, this simple practice will help you to gain more peace every day.

Chakra balancing with classical music –

  • You are feeling nervous, confused and overwhelmed: Bach and Händel
  • You are feeling sad, depressive and without drive: Viennes waltzes and marches
  • You want to be ennobled: Beethoven and Schubert
  • You want to receive spiritual impulses: Mozart.

To download some beautiful musical tracks that I use commonly in class as well as the awakening and resting chakra mediations used in the Divine in 9 programs and teacher training, go to to learn more about our 200 and 500-hour teacher trainings. 


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